Beta Stick Project Brushstick

Extendable pole that allows you to clean far-away holds. Comes with Lapis Uber Brush. Show more >
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Beta Stick Project Brushstick

The Beta Climbing Designs Project Brushstick allows you to clean far-away holds from the ground. Especially useful on boulders where you can't reach all of the holds from the bottom or from the top. It features the new and improved pole of the Evo that prevents the brush from spinning. It also has a new secure locking mechanisms and stiffer, more durable build quality. Complete with Lapis Uber Brush.

Tech specs

LENGTH86 - 264cm


Project Brushstick


• Compresses to 86cm to fit inside most standard bouldering mats
• Extends to 264cm with the Lapis Uber brush
• Designed to be compatible with a range of current bouldering brushes
• Head angle is easily adjusted and securely locked to 3 positions – vertical, 45 & 90 degrees
• The M6 bolt is compatible with many camera mounts and selfie stick attachments
• Selfie stick mount available as an optional accessory

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Project Brushstick
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