YY Vertical Chalk Stopper

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Reduces the amount of chalk you waste after every dip, helping the environment and your wallet. Show more >
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YY Vertical Chalk Stopper

The Y&Y Chalk Stopper helps to improve air quality in gyms and the general cleanliness of outdoor crags by using a magnetic closure which automatically seals in the chalk. Less chalk dust in the air means cleaner air for breathing, and reducing the chance of knocking your chalk bag over or having your chalk blown out of your chalk bag by the wind and all over the crag is minimised. It also means you waste less chalk overall.

6 product reviews

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Chalk Stopper
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Good but not perfect.

After few times the plastic rim cracked ... . I guess not a severe damage, but ...
Evem more, now that my chalk-bag is pretty used , I noticed that the magnetic system doesn't work soo good. I mean , the magnets are ok, of course, but the "valve" sometimes remains open. So, in the end , a very good and innovative idea, but gotta work on it ... :) . PS : the semi-elastic string and the nice container-bag are really apreciated! 4 stars.

Great Idea

I love this idea, but as some of the other reviews say it needs some work. I was really upset today because I fell and landed on my chalk bag. The hard plastic rim snapped in several places and came off, duck tape could not even fix it. So I think this is a great product, but it does need some work.


amazing for chalking up without losing half your chalk, and throwing it about without worrying about spilling, if too much chalk gets on the magnetic strips id recommend washing them quickly.


Buuuuuuut. When I was climbing a crack route and turned onto the wall to rest I couldn't because the bag stopped it due the hard rim

Good idea but needs work

Similar to the other reviewed. Magnetic closure works well bit the materials of the bag are stiff, thick, and bulky. That combined with the magnetic closure flaps make it difficult for larger hands.

My real complaint though is the waist strap. It is elastic which gives it a odd feel. In not sure if it is the elastic pulling the buckle into things or the buckle itself is defective but u have had it come unbuckled and fall off twice.

This being said. I think it's a great idea that with refinement could become perfected. I won't use this outside but still do use it in the gym with a different belt.

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