Edelrid Boulder Bag II

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The Edelrid Boulder Bag II is a large chalk bag for big boulder projects with a large, stable base. Show more >
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Edelrid Boulder Bag II

The Edelrid Boulder Bag II is a large chalk bag for big projects with a large, stable base. Just set it down and get that problem sent! the Edelrid Boulder Bag II also features a 100% dustproof closure, two zip pockets for storing essentials and lots of brush holders.

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Boulder Bag II

At a Glance

• 100% dustproof twist closure
• Two mesh pockets for essential smaller items
• Various brush holders
• Large, stable base

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Boulder Bag II
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Works just as i wanted

I mean I needed a big, stable chalk bag for bouldering, so i bought one that looked like had what i needed with a design i liked, which happened to be this one. Stands nicely with chalk in it. Hold a LOT of chalk. I wasnt sure what the opening method was since there isnt much for pictures, buts its a big velcro rim on the plastic top liner that unsticks so you can twist it open or shut, and stick it back on. Its my first time ever even seeing a lip like that, and while its a bit different, it does work well. Though i recommend not leaving it all the way open, but leave more of a hand-sized gap, as I have kicked mine over while on the mat and lost a good handful of chalk, but thats what you expect with such a wide opening. Im happy with it. It shall suit me well.

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