Crafty Climbing Five Toothed Monster

The Crafty Climbing Five Toothed Monster is a unique handmade chalk bag that puts the fun back into climbing. Show more >
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Crafty Climbing Five Toothed Monster

When you’re working on a problem and it’s just not going your way, one look at this little guy’s face will remind you that things aren’t so bad. The Five Toothed Monster Chalk Bag from Crafty is the ultimate climbing companion. Soft and fuzzy on all sides with an anti-pill fleece lining, large volume and free-standing capacity, he’s mega versatile; ideal for bouldering or rope climbing. Plus, the anti-chalk barrier in between the lining and the outer means chalk won’t leak out and turn him white. Other handy features include a drawstring closure, brush holder and super-cute happy face!

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS11cm x 15cm


Five Toothed Monster

Full Features

• Anti-pill fleece lining for long-lasting chalk rations
• ‘Chalk barrier’ nylon layer in between the lining and outer fabric prevents chalk leakage
• Generous volume accommodates up to 50g of chalk
• Elasticated brush holder
• Drawstring closure
• Free-standing thanks to flat bottom and sturdy rim
• Belt included

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Five Toothed Monster
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