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Beal Monster Cocoon

A massive chalk bucket for massive hands, or people with regular hands too. Available in Green and Orange. Show more >
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Beal Monster Cocoon

The Beal Monster Cocoon is a large boulder bucket made for storing hefty amounts of chalk. It's big enough to fit two hands for fast and efficient chalking. A stiffened base ensures it remains upright at all times. A zipped pocket and two toothbrush holders store all the essentials. It's also made from Corduroy to give you the best durability. Everything you need for easy chalking, cleaning, and repairing.


Monster Cocoon


• Big chalk bag for bouldering: fits 2 hands
• Corduroy Fabric
• Two toothbrush holders
• One zipped pocket
• One detachable pocket
• Soft pile lining for effective chalking
• Stiffened base ensures bag stays standing

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Monster Cocoon
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