8BPLUS Duncan

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A furry chalk bag with a stiff rim and two brush holders. Show more >
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8BPLUS Duncan

8BPlus Duncan chalk bag is always up for a climb. Although don't hang him around your neck, he has an unfortunate biting habit being a vampire all!

Duncan is a unique, furry-faced chalk bag that is pile-lined and has a drawstring closure seal that strops your chalk from falling out. Duncan is a well-sized chalk bag with an extra stiffened rim, making it easier for you to access your chalk. Duncan also has brush holders on the right and left side. Duncan is a handmade chalk bag made from high-quality materials.

Tech specs

MATERIAL Fur (artificial)
LININGFleece (100% poly)




• 12.5 cm wide opening
• Carabiner + belt included
• 2 brush holders
• Gift box included

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Nice present

This was a nice idea for a Christmas present. The quality of this chalk bag is good and it looks nice.
The delivery was perfect as usual

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