Mid Layers

Super versatile and super handy, a mid-layer bridges the gap between t-shirt and coat. Find mid layers from brands like Norrona, Black Diamond and Patagonia here!

We've all been there... you'll boil in a coat but freeze in a t-shirt. A mid-layer refers to pretty much anything which solves that dilemma. From thin and packable to heavy and high-loft, basic and minimal to fully technical, we have a great selection here! The right mid layer can be used as part of a layering system, as an outer in drier, warmer weather, or as a reliable and packable source of protection from the elements in emergency situations. An essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

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    norrøna warm3 Jacket
    The versatile norrøna warm3 Jacket is a classic pile jacket fleece. It has a super soft feel and is the warmest jacket for general outdoor.
    From $96.20
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    Nexus Pull-On
    The Nexus Pull-On is a great midlayer designed to provide mobility and comfort, it would be perfect to put under a jacket or wear rock climbing on a cold morning...
    From $41.93
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    Falketind Warm1 Stretch Jacket
    The Falketind Warm1 Stretch Jacket is a very thing versatile mid-layer. It is made from durable recycled polyester and has amazing stretch t making it very comfortable...
    From $58.86
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    Kyanite jacket men's
    The Kyanite jacket makes a great midlayer on colder days and outer layer on warmer ones. It is made from Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro which allows airflow stopping...
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    Falketind Warmwool2 Stretch Jacket
    The ultimate year-round mid-layer that is versatile enough for every activity. It is extremely stretchy giving you full freedom of movement, so no matter if your...
    S M L XL
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    Svalbard Warm1 Jacket (M)
    The Norrøna Svalbard Warm1 Jacket is a versatile midlayer or light jacket made from Polartec Thermal Pro® fleece with reinforced protection from backpack straps...
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    Falketind Warm1 Jacket
    The Norrøna Falketind Warm1 Jacket is lightweight insulating mid-layer that can be worn whatever time of year, to suit all types of conditions. Using recycled Polartec...
    M XL
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    Kyanite LT Hoody Men's
    The Kyanite LT Hoody is a light versatile fleece built for life in the mountains. You can wear it as a warm midlayer or a stand-alone outer, it's breathable and...
    Currently out of stock
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    Bitihorn Warm1 Stretch Jacket
    The Bitihorn Warm1 Stretch Jacket is the perfect mid-layer for colder spring, summer and fall days. It is easy to move in thanks to its athletic fit, it is also...
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    Type 2 Fun 3/4 Zip
    The Type 2 Fun 3/4 Zip is the perfect everyday fleece and is the ideal layer to keep with you. It is technical yet warm and comfortable, it moderates your core ...
    S M L
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    Men's R1® Fleece Full-Zip Hoody
    The Full Zip version of the Patagonia R1 Hoody, made from super-lightweight Polartec Power Grid fleece. Versatile, adaptable and comfortable, as well as highly ...
    Currently out of stock
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