Approach Shoes

Five Ten created approach shoes in 1985, and they were an instant hit. Brands like Scarpa, La Sportiva and Arc'teryx have since got in on the act. Find them all here!

Flip-flops can only take us so far in climbing! Eventually we're going to need to bushwhack through overgrown trails, scramble over precipitous rock, or just be forced to stand in some pretty horrendously uncomfortable belay spots. Luckily, in 1985, Charles Cole, the founder of Five Ten, decided to put climbing shoe rubber on a pair of trainers, and the approach shoe was born. Whether it's lightweight approach shoes for casual walk-ins or heavy-duty pairs for forestry battles, we have a wide range of options to suit you, including the original approach shoe the Five Ten Guide Tennie, the popular approach-lifestyle blend the Scarpa Mojito, and the highly durable and robust La Sportiva TX4.


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