Petzl Spirit Express

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The Petzl Spirit Express is a durable and particularly lightweight quickdraw for sport climbing. Whether on a sport climb or at the crag, the Petzl Spirit Express... Show more >
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Petzl Spirit Express

The Petzl Spirit Express is a durable and particularly lightweight quickdraw for sport climbing. Whether on a sport climb or at the crag, the Petzl Spirit Express is incredibly light to use at less than 100g, and has excellent grip thanks to it's ergonomic frame. Looking at the 'draw in more detail, the top carabiner has a straight gate and a keylock system with a specific nose shape for easy clipping and unclipping of the anchor. The bottom carabiner has a bent gate with a keylock system that works smoothly with the rope. It's durable and strong Express sling between the carabiners has a Strong protector to keep the lower 'biner in place, and is built to last. A great quickdraw for your climbs.

Tech specs

WEIGHT 93g (12cm), 100g (17cm)
SLING LENGTH12cm / 17cm
GATE OPENING 21 mm straight gate - 25 mm bent gate


Spirit Express

Petzl Spirit Express Key Features

Easier to use for clipping and unclipping:

- SPIRIT carabiners, straight gate on top and bent gate on bottom
- the straight gate design offers an excellent grip and makes clipping and unclipping easier thanks to its textured gate and Keylock system
- the design of the bent gate allows the rope to be clipped efficiently
- the ergonomic shape of EXPRESS quickdraw sling makes it easier to grab

Lightweight and versatile:

- under 100 g for the 17 cm version
- H-shaped cross-section offers an optimized strength/weight ratio
- available in two lengths: 12 and 17 cm

Reliable and durable:

- very reliable carabiner gate mechanism
- wider rope and anchor contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner
- the STRING quickdraw sling protector helps maintain the proper orientation of the carabiner and protect the carabiner attachment loop from wear

5 product reviews

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Spirit Express
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PETZL Spirit Express / Express Delivery

As PETZL Spirit Express is sports climbing quick draw it is not very light in weight but reliable and easy clipping / unclipping with clean and smooth nose.
Ordered 6 pcs . Carabiner’s Orange Color tone of 2 pcs are slightly different ( lighter color ) from other 4pcs although production month are same but this is small issue for me as price were attractive
Like them very much.

Great All-Around Quickdraw

Ease of clipping, this is one of the most popular quickdraws used out there. My partners also occasionally use it for trad. Would recommend.

Excellent choice

Expresses are not cheap. The Spirit Express is an excellent choice, light, robust and easy to use.


Bought a set of these 3 months ago and sadly haven't had the opportunity to take them outside yet, so this is based on use at the gym and general feeling.

Not the lightest, not the prettiest and expensive.
As soon as you grip one of these, you know they are a great product. The dogbone is stiff and ergonomical. This makes them easy to grab, both from your harness and on the wall.
The biners are in a classic shape, a bend gate and a straight gate, standard Petzl colour. Nothing special!
But everything just feels perfect. The gate spring have the perfect tension. They are very easy to clip, but still feel sturdy.

Overall the Spirit Express are very confidence inspiring and for sportclimbing I cant see myself use anything else.

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