Petzl Djinn Axess

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The Djinn Axess quickdraw is an incredibly durable and reliable 'draw that is particularly useful at you start your outdoor climbing journey. For easy anchor clipping... Show more >
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Petzl Djinn Axess

The Djinn Axess quickdraw is an incredibly durable and reliable 'draw that is particularly useful at you start your outdoor climbing journey. For easy anchor clipping, the top of the 'draw has a straight-gate DJNN carabiner with a specially designed nose shape, while the bottom of the anchor has a bent gate and is protected with a STRING sling to keep the carabiner in place. The keylock locking system stops the rope from snagging during use, helping your kit to last for longer. Straightforward, durable and useful, the Djinn Axess quickdraw is a great addition to your 'draw collection.

Tech specs

WEIGHT 113g (17cm), 107g (12cm)
SLING LENGTH17cm / 12cm
GATE OPENING 24mm straight / 27mm bent


Djinn Axess

Djinn Access Key Features

DJINN carabiners:
- large gate opening facilitates manipulations
- H-shaped cross section offers an improved strength/weight ratio
- wider contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner
- nose and Keylock system helps avoid the carabiner snagging during maneuvers
- DJINN straight gate (upper part of the draw): facilitates clipping and unclipping
- DJINN bent gate (lower part of the draw): facilitates clipping the rope

AXESS slings:
- durable construction
- lower end equipped with STRING to hold the carabiner in position and protect the webbing from wear

9 product reviews

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Djinn Axess
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one of the best value quickdraws

Easy clipping, good price, good quality

Will ruin your friendships

These Venus draws are the sexiest draws on the market. Every time I handle them, I'm reminder who's got it, who's my Venus, which elegantly takes my mind off my climbing worries. Be wary, men and women alike will try to steal those from you, friends will become foes in the fight over their love. If you think draws are all the same, then you haven't felt the sweet fire at your desire those draws bring.

Just really solid quick draws

I bought two of these in the 17 cm size cause I needed a couple of longer biners. They’re perfect for what I need as a beginner to intermediate climber. I don’t notice the weight when I’m climbing with them and the rope clips super easy through the gates. As a beginner climber, I’m not sure what the intricacies of a more expensive QuickDraw would be, but I don’t think I’ll need to worry about that for as long as I have these guys. I also like the colour, it matches my harness

Not bad but i expected worse...

I don't know why everyone says they are light, they are actually kinda heavy for a quickdraw.. though i got only the 17cm ones but they are really nice to use maybe too big for my style and i wasnt really looking in details since they are my first ones.

Really nice quickdraws

I bought these quickdraws to withdraw the old ones I had. Nice quickdraw, smooth opening and light. Nothing more to expect!

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