DMM Shadow

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Extremely lightweight offset-D carabiner that encourages loading in its major axis. Comes in screwgate (manual) or Kwiklock and Locksafe (auto-locking) gates and multiple colours. Show more >
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DMM Shadow

The DMM Shadow lives up to its name - an extremely lightweight locking carabiner you won't even notice is there. Slightly bigger than its sister, the Phantom, the DMM Shadow features an I-Beam construction to save as many grams as possible, but not too many that strength or handling is compromised. Extremely lightweight, the DMM Shadow comes in a larger size to facilitate handling, and is ideal for the fast and light climber or mountaineer seeking to shed every gram possible on their ascents.

The DMM Shadow has a choice of three different gates. The Screwgate is a classic manual gate, whereas Kwiklock and Locksafe are both auto-locking. Kwiklock is a two-part gate that requires a twist and a push to open; Locksafe is a three-part gate that requires a pull, a twist, and a push to open.

Tech specs

WEIGHT (Screwgate) 50 g / (Kwiklock) 57 g / (Locksafe) 58 g
SHAPEAsymmetric D
GATE OPENING (Screwgate) 18 mm / (Kwiklock & Locksafe) 17 mm
DIMENSIONS62 x 102mm



Full Features List

Lightweight locking 'biner for everything from trad to winter climbing
Offset-D shape encourages loading in the major axis, helping to prevent cross-loading
Keylock nose prevents snagging on clips and ropes
Strong and light I-Beam construction sheds weight whilst increasing strength

5 product reviews

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Worth it.

Best carabiners I have used. Great feel, smooth action.


I have two of these and use them predominately for cleaning sport anchors.
While small and light, the beaner is still large enough that it's comfortable to work with, without being a nuisance on your harness.
The locking mechanisms does feel a little flimsy but have not given me any reason to worry.
I bought two different colours and find that having colour coordinated beaners makes keeping track of everything a little easier when cleaning an anchor.
Overall they're light and get the job done.

Light weight, performs well and nicely designed

I've got several other DMM products and always been happy with them. It's a really nice locking carabiner!

Really useful!

One of the best locking 'biner of the market! Why? Easy, it's no big, is not small, it has the right size to clip in a bolt, or multi-pitch at belay station. And really strong! (of course, is DMM)...


It's small (better because not so heavy ) and when close looks a bit like the eye is open...

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