Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack

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The Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack is a combination of the easy-clipping Positron carabiner and the lightweight, versatile HotWire carabiner for maximum efficiency... Show more >
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Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack

The Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack is a combination of the easy-clipping Positron carabiner and the lightweight, versatile HotWire carabiner for maximum efficiency and performance on all ranges of climbs. The Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack is quipped with a Positron carabiner on the top for easy clipping and cleaning and a Hotwire carabiner on the bottom to minimise gate flutter and chances of freezing, it's ideal for a range of climbs, while the 18mm Dynex sling features Black Diamond's signature Straitjacket insert to keep the bottom 'biner in the right position.

Tech specs

CLOSED GATE STRENGTH[Positron] 25 kN [HotWire] 24 kN
OPEN GATE STRENGTH [Positron] 8 kN [HotWire] 9 kN
GATE OPENING[Positron] 22 mm [HotWire] 24 mm
MINOR AXIS STRENGTH[Positron] 8 kN, [HotWire] 7 kN


PosiWire Quickpack Key Features

Positron on top and HotWire on bottom
HotWire's wiregate eliminates gate flutter and won't freeze up
Positron's keylock nose eases clipping and cleaning
18 mm (.6 in) Dynex dogbone is light, durable and easy to grab
Straitjacket insert keeps bottom carabiner properly oriented

6 product reviews

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PosiWire Quickpack
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Just great

Stylish and strong. It's thickness , boost your confidence when climbing.

Ottimo prodotto e spedizione

Per il prodotto c'è poco da dire il marchio è comunque una garanzia. Sono molto contento della spedizione che è arrivata in pochissimi giorni in Sardegna e con il prodotto ben confezionato visto l'utilizzo per il quale è destinato.
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Positive Feedback For The PosiWire Quick Draws

Not the lightest on the market but are reasonably priced and as always from Black Diamond look the part too.

I've been using them for sport climbing the chunky slings boost confidence when working on hard routes.

Wiregate makes it easy to clip and the draws are very easy to be doubled up when needed to reduce rope drag over rock features. The rubber to keep the wire gate carabiner in place has so far worked well it appears to be very durable.

Downside is the weight but other than that these are a groovy set of draws which I am more than happy to use. Would definitely recommend them.

Good but short

Bought this 18cm version to get some longer quickdraw in my set, but this is actually just few centimetres longer than some of the 12cm quickdraw I already had. otherwise just as promised

Good, not the top

Considering Pro and Cons... I bought 2 packs of PosiWires. They are good enough and cheaper than many others.

- I love their W.I.D.E bottom biner. Some time ago I bought micro-wire but kept getting my fingers jammed inside!
- Keylock top biner absolutely necessary when cleaning a route after climbing
- last but not least... they are CHEAPER than others!

- they are pretty heavy. 103g each. I have 15 on my harness, which makes me 1.5 kilos heavier.
- bottom biner has a nose, which could cause nuisances to the second climber.

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