Black Diamond Positron Quickpack

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The Black Diamond Positron Quickpack gives you six light, versatile Positron quickdraws that are ideal for any type of climbing. Whether you're clipping bolts at... Show more >
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Black Diamond Positron Quickpack

The Black Diamond Positron Quickpack gives you six light, versatile Positron quickdraws that are ideal for any type of climbing. Whether you're clipping bolts at the crag or extending placements in the alpine, The Black Diamond Positron quickdraw provides full keylock functionality for hassle-free clipping and cleaning. Making things easier are the keylock noses on each 'biner and a Straitjacket insert to keep the bottom 'biner in place. Dynex slings are lightweight, easy to grab and mega durable to complete the ensemble.

Tech specs

WEIGHT107g (12cm), 110g (18cm)
GATE OPENING 22mm (top), 26mm (bottom)


Positron Quickpack

Black Diamond Keylock Gate

The keylock gate uses the geometry of the pocket of the gate to interface with the 'nose' of the carabiner to provide its strength when the gate is closed. The advantage of this design is that it alleviates the chance of the hooked part of the carabiner to get hung up on something (like a bolt hanger, Stopper wire or sling). Nose hooked carabiners are surprisingly weak, and it's by far the most common scenario for carabiner failure in the field.

Positron Quickpack

Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw Review

"Due to the keylock gate design, the Black Diamond Positron one of the easiest carabiners to unclip from bolt hangers on steep routes. Also, the keylock makes this a great carabiner to rack nuts and gear on (it won't get hung up as easily on a sling). Other than that, this is just a great work horse piece of gear. It's not light but it works in a variety of situations, is easy to clip and handle, and gets the job done." -Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief, OutdoorGearLab

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8 product reviews

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Positron Quickpack
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Positron Positivity

Sexy, strong, subtle. Huge fan of these, can't go wrong with them!

Solid gear

I bought these quickdraws a few months ago and use them for sport.
The positron draws are large and robust, while light enough that they feel good sitting on your harness.
The beaner shape makes clipping your rope easy and smooth. They also look phenomenal, both on your harness and on the wall.
Both highly functional and aesthetic.

Great product-great value for money

I bought these quickdraws a couple of weeks ago and love them.
They are very smooth when clipping and easy to take in and out of bolts
They are relatively lightweight and the price is not ridiculous.
The bent gate on the bottom caribiner makes clipping the rope super easy and the rubber insert makes sure the caribiner stays properly orientated
The different colour caribiners make it easy to know which side is for the bolt and wich for the rope.
Overall they are a great quality all-round quickdraw and a great value for money.
Easy to use website and quick and efficient delivery.

Project perfect

I was looking for some functional (and still sexy) quickdraws to use on both sport and trad routes. This Positron Quickpack fits the bill perfectly - light enough for those E number trad routes when every gram counts - but still with a sturdy dog bone for working a sport project. Not only do the colours act as a way to recognise your kit and look good on your rack - but you can automatically see whether you're grabbing the rubber or the rope end of your quickdraw. I know other quickdraws can have very close colours on either end - a problem when you're racking up in a hurry - but this solves it.

I've used my friend's positrons before and had to grab myself a pack. They're everything you want out of your gear: super functional but still damn good looking. 10/10 would recommend.

Sexiest set of quickdraws I've ever had

A great addition to the family! Very solid pieces of gear that are always by my side. But for real- I have the longer blue set with the wire gate and they are both equally smooth when clipping, lightweight on your harness, and look sick when climbing. The bent gate adds that extra bit of ease, and the rubber stopper under the quickdraw is great at stopping it from rotating. Solid piece of gear, would recommend 100% !

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