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Wild Country New Friend

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The Wild Country New Friends are updated versions of the original classic camming devices, Friends. The Wild Country New Friend Cams have all the amazing features... Show more >
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Wild Country New Friend

The Wild Country New Friends are updated versions of the original classic camming devices, Friends. The Wild Country New Friend Cams have all the amazing features of the originals, including the trusty 13.75 camming angle, but with a few updates to make them even more lightweight, effective and easy-to-use. The main improvements include a new twin axle design, which increases the range of each cam, while hollow axles increase the stiffness but bring down the weight. They also have wider, skimmed lobes which are just as grippy but much kinder to the rock, as well as super-useful extendable dyneema slings, which means you don’t have to use a quickdraw on every placement.

Tech specs

STRENGTH12 kN / 10 kN (Sling Doubled / Sling Extended) – Friend 0.4 = 10 kN / 10 kN
FRIEND 0.475 g / 15.8 - 26.37 mm
FRIEND 0.588 g / 20.6 - 34.5 mm
FRIEND 0.75102 g / 25.8 - 43 mm
FRIEND 1123 g / 31.7 - 53.6 mm
FRIEND 2142 g / 41.5 - 69.3 mm
FRIEND 3192 g / 52.7 - 88 mm
FRIEND 4260 g / 66.8 - 112.1 mm


New Friend


• Wide and exposed aluminium loops
• Single stem
• Thumb loop
• Extendable sling

4 product reviews

Average rating

New Friend
Based on 39 ratings
I love these cams

Very strong ,the sling is very useful special when we expand them Not heavy when you use them you will love them special the range 0.3 to 3

Good alternative option for C4

Bought #1 and #2, they've been good so far, equivalent to C4s. The range is slightly different than C4s which makes them a good candidate to double up the C4 cams with.

Everything I could want in a cam!

These cams are WICKED light! Almost as light as the BD ultralights, but with extendable slings too! I love how they feel in my hands, and they place extremely well. I’ve whipped on this .75 and it held (of course!) I would definitely buy again and again!

Are the new Wild country Friends the best cams on the Market?

The new friends are perhaps the best cam I have ever used. They are crazy light for dual axis cams. I think only the black diamond ultralights are lighter. In addition, BD cams don't come with an extendable sling, so you will have to carry more extenders with them. So you may end up with a greater total system weight. The extendable sling is less faff than extenders as well.
The extendable sling is a great addition, especially if you climb in the UK. I really miss the extendable sling on my cams that don't have it.
Once placed the cams feel really bomber. I especially like that anodized metal has been machined off where the head contacts the rock to improve friction.

The thumb loop makes placing them really easy. It is also good if you are into aid climbing, to have a high clip in point.

The production quality feels really good and inspires confidence.

In terms of the action, I think that they have the right tension not too stiff but enough tension make placing the cam precise.

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