DMM Dragonfly Offsets

Offset micro cams for placements in irregular, flared cracks and pin scars; total size range is 8.7-12.9 – 19-28.3mm. Show more >
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DMM Dragonfly Offsets

The DMM Dragonfly Offsets take the Dragonfly Cam and adapts it with offset lobes for placement in irregular, flared cracks and pin scars. The use of a thumb loop allows you to easily distinguish between your Dragonfly Offsets and regular-sized cams, plus different colours are used for the slings and triggers to show you it's the offsets, not the regular Dragonfly Cams.

Tech specs

SIZEColour, Active Strength, Passive Strength, Weight, Range
2/3Red/Yellow, 6kN, n/a, 56g, 8.7-12.9 – 10.2-15.1mm
3/4Gold/Blue, 6kN, n/a, 67g, 10.2-15.1 – 12.1-17.9mm
4/5Blue/Grey, 8kN, n/a, 68g, 12.1-17.9 – 15.1-22.5mm
5/6Silver/Purple, 9kN, n/a, 71g, 15.1-22.5 – 19-28.3mm


Dragonfly Offsets

• 13.75° camming angle is the proven optimum combination of holding power, range and performance
• TripleGrip lobes with ‘raw alu’ surface for improved grip
• Ergonomic thumb loop and trigger makes them easy to handle
• Flexible stem cable minimises walking
• Narrow head width fits small pockets
• Extendable 11mm Dynatec sling with compact stitch pattern
• Sizes 4, 5, and 6 Dragonfly Cams overlap with size 00 – 1 Dragons
• Compact trigger bar allows deep placements

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Dragonfly Offsets
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