DMM Dragon II Cams

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The DMM Dragon II Cams are dual axle, single stem, extendable sling camming devices from long-standing manufacturers DMM, coming in all sizes for trad climbing and alpine climbing. Show more >
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DMM Dragon II Cams

An increased contact area with a raw aluminium finish and additional bite points are the hallmarks of DMM's revolutionary TripleGrip cam lobes. These features combine to increase friction between the cam lobe and the rock. The result is greater holding power and reduced walking, particularly in slick or soft rock types and sub-optimal placements.

Single stem, dual axle design gives our Dragons 360° flexibility and the greatest expansion range, increasing both performance in sub-optimal placements and your chance of getting the right piece first time.

The hot forged thumb press improves ergonomics while reducing the chance of a fumble from gloved hands or pumped fingers, while the extendable sling cuts down on quickdraws needed to extend placements, significantly reducing weight on your harness. The design of the thumb press means that the strength of the Dragon suffers no compromise when the sling is extended.

The Dragons low weight does not compromise its strength – they are rated to a huge 14kN from size 1 upward and the additional material in the lobes has improved their resistance to deformation.

Tech specs

TECH SPECS > See below for full tech specs


Dragon II Cams

Tech Specs

Dragon 00: 75g (weight), 10kN (strength), 9kN (passive strength), 13-21mm (range), Blue
Dragon 0: 85g, 14kN, 12kN, 16-25mm, Silver
Dragon 1: 103g, 14kN, 14kN, 20-33mm, Purple
Dragon 2: 117g, 14kN, 14kN, 24-41mm, Green
Dragon 3: 128g, 14kN, 14kN, 29-50mm, Red
Dragon 4: 154g, 14kN, 14kN, 38-64mm, Yellow
Dragon 5: 208g, 14kN, 14kN, 50-85mm, Blue
Dragon 6: 299g, 14kN, 14kN, 68-114mm, Silver
Dragon 7: 362g, 14 kN, 14 kN, 88-149mm, Purple
Dragon 8: 515g, 14 kN, 14 kN, 116-195mm, Green

Dragon II Cams

TripleGrip Cam Lobes

TripleGrip lobes are DMM’s patented cam technology designed to revolutionise friction power and supply unparalleled performance in sub-optimal placements like flared cracks or slick rock. DMM have managed to triple the resistance and grip strength of the Dragon cam: by machining a raw aluminium finish and dividing the cam’s bite points into three individual surfaces, the Dragon now has twelve areas of surface-contact rather than four, meaning it excels in slick or soft rock. In slippery situations, the Dragon cam is a friend that you can count on.

Dragon II Cams

Dual Axle

Dual axle cams are designed to do two things: help you get the right placement first time, and make your rack lighter. A greater range of motion means you need fewer units to cover a large range of crack sizes, meaning you save on carry weight, as well as making it easier to choose the right size cam for the job first time. All DMM cams use high quality stainless steel axles that offer increased levels of corrosion resistance and high strength levels, so carry less, save more, and climb faster.

Dragon II Cams

Thumb Press

A thumb press has two main benefits: it’s a simpler configuration than a thumb loop meaning less to get in the way of a good placement when you’re pumped or fumbling with thick gloves in winter, and it allows you to have an extendable sling built in to the cam whilst still achieving a high strength rating. DMM have CNC’d extra grip into the thumb presses to give it the best handling characteristics possible.

Dragon II Cams


An extendable Dyneema greatly increases the speed and ease of extending placements, decreases rope drag, and saves weight on your rack. If you need to extend the sling, simply unloop it when the cam is placed, and you have it extended. Not only does this decrease rope drag by allowing the rope to form a straighter line or smaller angles, it also means you need to carry less quickdraws. DMM’s compact stitching makes re-racking extended Dragons quick and easy, for a completely faster and lighter ascent.

Dragon II Cams

Single Stem

Cams with single stems are more forgiving in fall scenarios where the rock formation has prevented the cam from being placed in the direction of the load. Simply put, the Dragon’s firm but flexible stem allows for 360° flexibility, maximising your placement options, and allowing you to put cams where you normally wouldn’t trust them.

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Dragon II Cams
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Trustworthy, easier to handle than I expected.

Love them!

I’m a huge DMM dragon fan. These are so easy to use and the extension sling is a faff saver for extending. Love the grip and range. Would be happy to whip on these all day

It’s Just Super Bomber!

I’ve always bought cams with thumb-loops, but after reading about how sticky these cam lobes are, I thought I’d give them a try. And WOW I AM GLAD I DID! I honestly don’t even mind not having a thumb loop. It places really well because the cam’s stem isn’t too long. Lots of control. The sling extends CRAZY long (about the length of one draw), so I’ve never had to extend it additionally. Love these Dragons!


This Dragon is really solid and the extendable dyneema it's a great plus.

Dragon Cam II nr. 1

Just bought 2 pieces of dragon Dragon Cam II nr. 1.

Guess what?
Holds a tank in solid rock, it' light and the extendable sling makes the rope easier to drag in corners.

Would you buy one?
I definitively will buy more.

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