The 'proven no.1 choice on expeditions worldwide'. Multi-fuel—white gas, kerosene, diesel—and extremely easy to fix and maintain out in the field. Show more >
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The MSR XGK-EX has been in production for over 35 years thanks to its ability to perform reliably in extreme mountain environments. MSR say it's the 'proven no.1 choice on expeditions worldwide'. Harsh, cold conditions are where the XGK-EX excels, and it's second-to-none in terms of durability. It's easy to maintain and fix should something go wrong, and being able to run on white gas, kerosene, and diesel, you'll never have a problem finding fuel for it. Having only one burn mode—full roar—the XGK-EX is best for expedition use where water needs to be boiled efficiently and the stove needs to take a beating.

Tech specs

BURN TIME (MINUTES) PER 600ML / 20 OZ. OF FUEL White Gas: 109; Kerosene: 98; Diesel: 170
BOIL TIME (MINUTES), 1 LITRE White Gas: 3.5; Kerosene: 2.8; Diesel: 4.5
WATER BOILED (LITRES) PER 100 ML OF FUEL White Gas: 4.9; Kerosene: 5.7; Diesel: 6.3
WATER BOILED (LITRES) PER 1 OZ OF FUEL White Gas: 1.5; Kerosene: 1.7; Diesel: 1.9




• Proven: No. 1 choice on expeditions worldwide.
• Multi-Fuel: Reliably burns more liquid fuels than any other stove.
• Dependable: Easy to field maintain; Shaker Jet™ cleans fuel jet with a simple shake.
• Compact: Flexible fuel line allows stove to fit in a 1.5-litre MSR pot.
• Superfast: Boils 1 litre of water in just 2.8 minutes (using kerosene fuel).
• Extra-Stable: Retractable legs and pot supports provide a secure platform.
• Includes: Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack. (Fuel bottle not included.)

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