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MSR DragonFly

One of the most versatile camping stoves around. Burns 5 fuels and can easily cook for large groups despite its small size. Show more >
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MSR DragonFly

The MSR Dragonfly is one of their best-selling products because of how well it fits every purpose. It can run on white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and jet fuel. It can support pots up to 25 cm in diameter which, despite its small size, makes it ideal for group cooking. It folds to one-third of its working size to save space in packs and nest inside pots. It has full flame control ranging from simmer to full heat. If you need one stove that burns everything and can feed everyone, the Dragonfly is the weapon of choice.


Tech specs

BURN TIME (MINUTES) PER 600ML / 20 OZ. OF FUELWhite Gas: 126; Kerosene: 153; Diesel: 136
BOIL TIME (MINUTES), 1 LITREWhite Gas: 3.9; Kerosene: 3.5; Diesel: 3.9
WATER BOILED (LITRES) PER 100 ML OF FUELWhite Gas: 5.3; Kerosene: 5.7; Diesel: 5.7




• Unrivaled Flame Control: MSR pioneered the dual-valve design of the Dragonfly stove, enabling it to deliver precision, simmer-to-boil control.
• Extra Wide Pot Supports: Wide pot supports hold up to 10" maximum diameter pots or fry pans for group cooking
• Multi-Fuel: Burns white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and jet fuel.
• Compact: Folds to 1/3 of its working size and fits in a two-litre MSR pot for easy storage.
• Efficient: Suspended burner cup enables the stove to burn hot and strong while reducing heat lost to the ground
• Field Maintainable: Shaker Jet™ technology and smart engineering allow complete cleaning and maintenance in the field.
• Includes: Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack. (Fuel bottle not included.)

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