Jetboil Suspension Kit

The Jetboil Suspension Kit is a lightweight, easy-to-use hanging system for your Jetboil camping stove. Show more >
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Jetboil Suspension Kit

The Jetboil Suspension Kit is the ultimate accessory for Jetboil stove owners who need a hanging system during big wall missions and backcountry ski mountaineering adventures. When you just don’t have a good cooking surface, or it’s not safe to balance a stove, the Jet Boil Hanging Kit attaches securely to your burner and allows you to cook up a storm in the most extreme environments.


Suspension Kit

Full Features List

• Lightweight suspension system for cooking
• Compact, folding design reduces weight and bulk in your pack
• Compatible with PCS, Zip, Flash, Flash Lite, MicroMo, MiniMo, Sōl, Sōl TI, Sumo, and Sumo TI cooking systems.
• Weight 54g

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Suspension Kit
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