Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Set 2.0

Includes a 1.2-litre pot and a 2.7-litre pot. Ideal for use by two to three people. Show more >
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Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Set 2.0

The Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Set 2.0 is a durable and lightweight 2-pot cooking set for use by two to three people. It's made from a hard-anodised aluminium alloy that's abrasion-resistant, easy-to-clean, and durable, all whilst keeping weight to a minimum. The 1.2-litre pot rests inside the larger 2.7-litre pot to save on space, and most STS dinnerware will nest inside the 1.2-litre to save the most space possible.

Tech specs

MATERIAL(S)Aluminium Alloy


Alpha Pot Set 2.0


• Large internal radius makes the pot easy to clean
• Each pot has a strainer lid for efficient draining
• Graded volumetric scale on the side of the pot for easy measurement
• Patent-pending Pivot-Lock handle with safety lock for secure and easy operation with every pot
• Textured base for better stability on camping stoves
• Lightweight, hard-anodised alloy

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Alpha Pot Set 2.0
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