Black Diamond

Rising from the ashes of Chouinard Equipment Ltd., Black Diamond Ltd. was established in 1989 when Yvon Chouinard (founder and owner of Patagonia) filed for bankruptcy. The company's humble beginnings span back to 1966, when Chouinard hired some of his climbing friends to help him forge the pitons that Chouinard had originally intended for use by himself and his friends, but had become so popular within the climbing community due to their quality, durability, simplicity, and innovation that he decided to make it a business. But, in 1989, post lawsuits from users claiming that they had not been told proper safety recommendations, and from being a business so committed to innovation that they regularly had to discard old stock because they were constantly producing newer, better designs, Chouinard Equipment Ltd. could no longer sustain itself. A group of former employees led by Peter Metcalf decided to buy the company out, and, after moving it to Salt Lake City Utah, so everyone could be close to the mountains, they renamed it Black Diamond Ltd., which would eventually, of course, become one of the most successful outdoor brands on the planet, producing high-quality rock climbing and mountaineering clothing.