Beastmaker fingerboards and training equipment originates from a group of dedicated UK climbers who wanted the ability to train efficiently and, most of all, hard. Unhappy with the way that resin boards of the time created painful blisters on the fingers, the Beastmaker guys, then still students at university, made the first prototype board in 2007, and after six months of sanding and perfecting, they had a board that was not only less painful but also more effective. This was confirmed when, after producing a few boards for their friends and other climbers, they saw the board's popularity within the climbing community, and they realised that there was a demand for their more comfortable, better performing fingerboard. So, the crew decided to buy a machine to start a bigger production of their boards - the same machine they still use today - dubbing them "Beastmakers". Plus, contrary to the name, a Beastmaker board is actually an eco-friendly board, coming from FCS (Forestry Steward Council) North American tulip wood trees grown in a sustainable, responsibly managed forest. They run on entirely 100% renewable energy, and, for the highest quality, they manually sand down and perfect each individual board until it has the desired feel. This is how beasts are born.