Beal Double Air Bag

The Beal Double Air Bag is a 100 x 130 x 10 cm snap closure bouldering mat featuring the Verso Concept. This system gives you two options to choose from, soft and hard, depending on the height of your boulder and how much absorption you want to feel. Show more >
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Beal Double Air Bag

Two sides of the same coin - why not two sides of the same bouldering mat? The Verso Concept gives the Beal Double Air Bag two landing options: soft and hard. Soft should be used for low impact falls to provide extra cushioning, and hard should be used for high impact falls to prevent the mat from bottoming out. One mat, more choices, less to carry.

There is a new version of the Beal Double Air Bag. Check it out HERE.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS100cm x 130cm x 14cm


Double Air Bag


• Triple density enclosed foam retains its shape and rebound over its lifetime
• 100% polyester design with reinforced corners enhance durability
• Removable strap can be changed into rucksack or bandolier straps

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Double Air Bag
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