Roanne Van Voorst Fear!

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Roanne Van Voorst Fear!

Fear! by Roanne Van Vorst features interviews with the world’s best extreme athletes and their coaches—including Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, Hazel Findlay, and Jorg Verhoeven—on how to overcome fear and self-doubt in stressful situations. Aside from tips on how to overcome the common fears found in climbers, Fear! contains valuable insights for all sorts of common fears, such as flying, public speaking, heights, failure, commitment, rejection, driving a car, taking financial risks, or changing career. Self-hypnosis, visualisation, and rational analyses are just some of the methods by which the interviewees overcome their anxiety, and all share their strategies in full in this book.

• Alex Honnold
• Steph Davis
• Lynn Hill
• Catherine Destivelle
• ‘Spiderman’ Alain Robert
• Hazel Findlay
• Arno Ilgner
• Jorg Verhoeven
• Dan Goodwin
• Don McGrath
• Cedric Dumont
• Edurne Pasaban
• Alexander Schulz
• Rebecca Williams
• Martin Fickweiler

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really nice approach on how different people face their fears and how they manage it

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