DMM Flight Sport Climbing Sack

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45L backpack designed to be the maximum hand-luggage size for airlines. Suitcase-style opening allows you to fully stuff the bag to its limit. Available in Black, Blue, or Red. Show more >
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DMM Flight Sport Climbing Sack

The DMM Flight Sport is a highly-featured 45-litre sport climbing crag sack, combining rope bag and rucksack in one bag that can carry everything you could possibly need for a day at the crag - and by everything, they really mean everything. The 45-litre capacity of the DMM Flight Sport is designed to handle a day's worth of gear - a full rack of quickdraws, a harness, rock shoes, food, water, chalk bag, guidebook, extra clothing, and any rope length up to 80m - and is conveniently sized to be the maximum 'carry on' limit for airplanes. This pack isn't just a big bucket either: it's designed to be as comfortable as possible when carrying with padded straps and thermoformed panels, with a host of internal racking, tarp, and pockets to keep all your kit neatly organised and easily accessible. Why have two bags, when you can fit everything into one?

Tech specs

WEIGHT1560g (55oz)
DIMENSIONS55 x 30 x 30 cm (fully stuffed)


Flight Sport Climbing Sack

The Perfect Size

At 45 litres the Flight is specifically sized for sport climbing. It is big enough to carry everything you will need for a day spent clipping bolts - and when we say ‘everything’, we mean: a full rack of quickdraws, a harness, rock shoes, food, water, chalk bag, guidebook, extra clothing, and any rope length up to 80m. It also matches the maximum ‘carry on’ size for airline hand luggage and has stash-able features to reduce snagging during transit.

Flight Sport Climbing Sack

Quick and Easy Access

The suitcase style opening has a heavy duty YKK 2 way zip – this gives you quick and easy access to all of your kit, regardless of where it is stashed in the sack. The foam side panels protect the contents from impact during transit, but they also give shape to the sack. When it is open the sidewalls stay rigid, making it easier to pack and unload.

Flight Sport Climbing Sack

Keep Your Kit and Valuables Well Organised

There are a number of useful features designed to keep your kit and valuables well organised. There is a deep, padded pocket for all the climbing day essentials. This is also sized to fit a Tablet or Ipad and is easily accessed from an external zip at the top of the sack. For extra security, there is an internal passport/valuables pocket with a key clip, which is only accessible via the main zip opening. For your climbing kit there is a quickdraw rack, a removable DMM rope tarp and compression straps to keep it all secure and stable. The tarp can be rolled up and secured separately which makes it ideal to drop into a Void for the journeying part of the trip. On the outside there are also external rope/clothing straps on top if you need to carry extra kit – both the shield and the straps can be stashed away when not in use. Another useful feature is that the 2 way zips allow a clip stick to be carried periscope style out of the sack.

Flight Sport Climbing Sack

A Comfortable and Easy Carry

We’ve fitted the Flight with three grab handles. There’s one on top and two on either side of the panel zip for a quick ‘gathering’ pick up when moving to an adjacent route. The handles are soft grip with a nice skin friendly feel – just a little feature that we hope you’ll appreciate after a full day of ragging your skin on rough limestone pockets! It has a quick-drying Flow Airmesh back system with contoured and supportive padded shoulder straps, plus waist belt – all of which makes for a very comfortable carry. There is also a water bottle sleeve on the side of the sack – just to make sure that you stay hydrated at all times!

Flight Sport Climbing Sack

Light but Hardwearing

We have used light but hardwearing materials throughout the construction of the Flight. And just to make sure, there are reinforced wear areas around the lid and base of the sack.

Flight Sport Climbing Sack

Flight Key Features

Perfectly sized at 45 litres to carry all your sport climbing kit, plus an 80m rope
Maximum ‘carry on’ hand luggage on most airlines
Suitcase style opening for quick and easy access
Rigid sidewalls for easier packing and unloading
Quickdraw rack, rope tarp, and pockets to keep your kit well organised
Flow Airmesh back system and shoulder straps for comfort
Grab handles for a quick and easy carry
Light but hardwearing materials throughout the construction
Reinforced areas around the lid and base

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Flight Sport Climbing Sack
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So much space — great cragging pack!

I'm surprised at how much this bag could fit. I packed in a 70m rope, 12 quickdraws, shoes, harness, belay glasses, grigri, slings, lockers, & even a helmet — it still had a little space to give. Even comes with a rope tarp that has a strap to compress the tarp smaller.

I imagine if you need to use more of the internal space, you could strap the helmet outside or sling the rope over the top & synch it with the straps on top of it.

Though I wish the shoulder straps had extra padding, so probably not the bag you want for super long approaches with a full load.

Overall — pretty happy with my purchase! Great cragging pack.

Brilliant all round

Just been away to Kalymnos with my new bag. Thought it was excellent... Held all my gear/80m rope easily and of course the quality of a DMM product is second to none. Would have been better if a sleeve for a water bladder had been incorporated into the pack. If you have a waist smaller than 28inches... Then the waist belt will probably be too big... If you are that tiny- eat more pies!

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