Wild Country Revo Belay Device

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The Wild Country Revo Belay Device is the first ever bi-directional assisted locking belay device with an intuitive design meant for novice and expert climbers ... Show more >
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Wild Country Revo Belay Device

The Wild Country Revo Belay Device is the first ever bi-directional assisted locking belay device with an intuitive design meant for novice and expert climbers alike. The Wild Country Revo Belay Device is the only assisted braking system where the locking is independent from the user; no matter what the situation, the belay device will always function and protect the climber from a fall. Combine this with an intuitive belay plate design that is smoother and can be completely managed without ever taking hands off the rope, and you have the safest belay device on the market.

Tech specs

WEIGHTApprox. 245g
ROPE RANGE8.5 - 11.0mm


Revo Belay Device

Independent Locking System

This device uses a unique inertia wheel locking system that only engages when the wheel turns a certain number of revolutions. This means that, even if the user completely lets go of the rope, the lock will still activate in the event of a fall, without any input from the user. There is no way to accidentally override this locking system, making it completely panic-proof.

Revo Belay Device


Completely symmetrical, the locking function works regardless of rope orientation. Perfect for either left or right handed climbers.

Revo Belay Device

Intuitive Design

Works just like a standard belay plate with no need to alter standard belaying technique. The low friction inertia wheel makes the feeding of the rope much faster and smoother and is ideal for both beginner and expert climbers.

Revo Belay Device

Outdoor Industry Award 2016

"This new assisted locking belay device has the potential to prevent accidents by significantly reducing user error. We like its intuitive handling which will appeal to beginner and experienced climbers alike."

4 product reviews

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Revo Belay Device
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great belay device

super safe and works great, love to belay with it and simple to use

Safest and best handling belay device!

I bought my second Revo recently. (One for gym and one for outdoor) I really appreciate how smooth it is to give rope with Revo and how it does "soft catch" when it locks up. The only downside is that you can't lock the device intentionally like GriGri after climber falls and that you have to hold the climber while he/she rests but that is trivial compared to Revo's other pros. I really like this device and hope all my belayer uses it. :)

Awesome for its purpose

I have been using the wild Country REVO For about a year now. I even bought it again after losing it on a trip.
Pros: very safe, easy to partner check, very easy to give rope which I absolutely love. Very intuitive use unlike the Gri-Gri so I like to show it to beginners because the movements will be the same with any tuber.
Cons: quite heavy and bulky, no intuitive locking function when projecting (although one can lock it if the rope is tension free for a second). Not usable for multi pitch routes. If the file is caught by the device and not the belayer the stop is quite abrupt.

This is my favorite belay device for single pitch Sport climbing. Main positive points for me are the ease to give rope and the intuitive use as well as its obvious safety features.

not sure..

overall i think it lacks some crucial features, like manual locking, if someone wants to hang and work a move you actively need to be locking the device, unlike the grigri that simply locks on tension. furthermore the unlocking is very sensitive so if you are holding the rope down it easily unlocks on you.. I only use this devise for lead climbing when i know the climber is not going do work the route, so nly for the send.

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