Petzl GriGri Belay Device

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The latest incarnation of the Petzl GriGri is a lightweight, streamlined assisted breaking belay device for experienced climbers. Show more >
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Petzl GriGri Belay Device

New for 2019, the Petzl GrIGri is a streamlined amalgamation of the GriGri 2 and the GriGri+. Designed for climbing at the crag or at the climbing wall, the Petzl GriGri allows for superior rope control and extra smooth lowering thanks to its compact, smooth design. So how is it different to the GriGri 2 and the GriGri+? Essentially it takes the camming unit from the GriGri+ but doesn't include the extra safety features. Updates include a lower-profile thumb catch, bigger rope capacity, user diagrams engraved on the inside and outside of the plate, as well as a space to write your name. The result is a versatile, lightweight belay device with superior lowering properties. It's exceptionally smooth and the perfect upgrade for climbers who're used to belaying with a GriGri 2.

Tech specs

MATERIALSaluminum side plates, stainless steel cam and friction plate, reinforced nylon handle
ROPE CAPACITY8.5 to 11 mm single rope
RECOMMENDED USESport climbing, gym climbing, trad and multi-pitch climbing


GriGri Belay Device

At a Glance

Belay device with assisted braking, compatible with a broad range of single rope diameters, for both gym and crag:

- feeding slack and catching falls are done using standard belay techniques; always keep a hand on the brake-side of the rope
- the assisted braking function is activated when a climber falls, the device pivots, the rope tightens and the cam pinches and blocks the rope. Holding the brake side of the rope helps engage the cam, therefore it is important to always hold the brake side of the rope
- compatible with dynamic single ropes 8.5 to 11 mm, optimised for 8.9 to 10.5 mm
- rope installation diagram engraved on both the interior and exterior of the device

Exceptional comfort during descents:

- the ergonomic handle allows you to easily lower someone
- smooth descent control is achieved thanks to the progressive action of the cam

Designed for experienced belayers:

- simple to use for belaying both lead or top-rope climbers
- optimally balanced design: lightweight (175 g), compact and durable

16 product reviews

Average rating

GriGri Belay Device
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Improvement On Already Great Device

Works just as good as my old Gri-Gri 1.
Was waiting for Petzl to realize that the small handle on the gri-gri2 was uncomfortable - lo and behold the new Gri-Gri. It's perfect!

What can I say that haven't been said

Bought it for helping my girlfriend belay me without a risk of accident the new grigribis lighter and handle a bigger range or ropes so can use it with my experienced friends and my girlfriend

ITS the GRIGRI , what can you say

Its the grigri and made in France, that really all you need to know.

For some reason is the king of belay devices

Everything you would expect from the most popular belay device out there! Light smooth and great for the belayer while your partner is working a route, aka just sitting there at the clip for half an hour.
My partner only liked tubular devices and never liked grigris at gyms and from other people but is somehow sold to this new iteration, for me it feels the same.

It's a GriGri

What can I say? It's a GriGri at a great price. I have the older version but this one allows for wider ropes. Moves smoothly and is about $100 cheaper than you can buy in Canada.

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