Mammut Smart Alpine 8.7 - 10.5

The alpine version of the Smart assisted-braking belay device which can be used with half and twin ropes as well as single ropes between 8.7 and 10.5 mm. Show more >
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Mammut Smart Alpine 8.7 - 10.5

The Mammut Smart Alpine is the alpine version of the award-winning Smart, which can be used with half and twin ropes as well as single. The Smart Alpine is a tube-style assisted-braking device that's very versatile. You can use it with a single rope whilst sport climbing, or take it into the mountains and use it with a half or twin rope. It isn't too heavy or bulky, so it won't interfere with an alpine style, but it will add the extra security of an assisted-braking device whilst in the mountains, which is never a bad thing.

Tech specs



Smart Alpine 8.7 - 10.5


• Dynamic braking of the climber in an accidental fall, and locks even at low levels of force exerted by the user.
• Compatible with rope diameters between 8.7 and 10.5 mm
• Can be used in auto-blocking mode when bringing up one or two seconds
• Only about 50 g heavier than a standard guide plate

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Smart Alpine 8.7 - 10.5
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