Climbing Technology Click Up +

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Updated version of the Click Up assisted braking device, offering faster rope pay outs, improved top roping handling, and a more sensitive block that reduces the chance of human error. Show more >
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Climbing Technology Click Up +

The Climbing Technology Click Up + is the updated version of the original Click Up assisted braking device. Improved features include a new overall geometry that allows faster and smoother paying out of the rope, a new side plate geometry to improve the handling of top rope mode, and a V-Proof system that reduces the chance of error due to incorrect handling whilst braking.

When the climber falls, the Click Up + moves upwards, blocking the rope. To unblock the rope, simply pull the device downwards. (Watch the video to see a demonstration.)

PLEASE NOTE: The Click Up+ is supplied and must be used with the proper CONCEPT SGL HC carabiner with hard-coated wear-proof anodization and ACL system that prevents the possibility of cross loading.

Tech specs

WEIGHT110 g (without carabiner)


Click Up +


• More effective in paying out rope, a process that is now quick and smooth, thanks to the new geometry of the
body and to a new carabiner holding layout
• More comfortable for top-rope belays, especially when used with indoor climbing ropes, thanks to the new geometry of the
side plates
• Even safer, thanks to the V-Proof System that reduces the chance of error due to incorrect handling of the rope while braking
• More ergonomic, thanks to the new shape of the outer body
• It allows the belayer to arrest a fall simply holding the free end of the rope with the braking hand
• It allows the belayer to lower the partner off by applying a slight pressure over the device, while keeping under tension the free end of the rope with the braking hand
• It ensures effective belaying even if the rope is incorrectly installed in the device (the strands of the rope are inverted) thanks to specific V-shaped, tapered, friction notches

2 product reviews

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Click Up +
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belay device that I managed really quick to get confident belaying with this works great for me

Very good belay device

It takes a bit of time to get used to the device if you never belayed with a clickup before. Especially lowering the climber and switching back to lead-mode takes a bit of practice.
Once you got that done, it is an excellent belaying device with a lot of security.
A very good product for beginners but also advanced climbers.

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