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The Climbing Technology Click Up is a simple to use belay device with an adjustable locking system and fool-proof design that make it perfect for beginners, rock... Show more >
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Climbing Technology Click Up

The Climbing Technology Click Up is a simple to use belay device with an adjustable locking system and fool-proof design that make it perfect for beginners, rock schools, and inexperienced sport climbers.

When arresting a fall, the Click Up will 'click up' through the carabiner, locking the rope. The user can then, whilst still holding the rope in the locked position with one hand, very quickly push the device back up into the belay position to release the rope and continue the belay. When descending, hold the rope with one hand in the locked position as is normal, then gently tip the device with the other to feed the rope and safely lower the climber.

The Climbing Technology Click Up thus makes mistakes easily preventable, whilst still being very simple, quick, and intuitive to use so as to not confuse climbers.

PLEASE NOTE: The Click Up is supplied and must be used with the proper CONCEPT SGL HC carabiner with hard-coated wear-proof anodization and ACL system that prevents the possibility of cross loading.

Tech specs

ROPE DIAMETERSingle: Ø 8,6 ÷ 10,5 mm
MATERIALHot-forged aluminium side plates


Click Up

Main Charactertistics

It allows you to quickly and fluidly feed rope without jamming;
It allows to arrest a fall simply by pull down the free hand of the rope;
It operates without the need to act on levers and moving parts;
Especially suitable for beginners and children because intuitive and error-proof.

Click Up

Total Use Safety!

The final, but most fundamental feature, is in the case of incorrect use. Should the device be used incorrectly, CLICK UP continues to allow you to break and lower your partner in complete safety, thanks to the V-shaped braking notches present. This is the most appreciated feature, as it avoids several mistakes that can happen during the use of belay devices while climbing, both indoors or outdoors. It makes CLICK UP the right belay device for rock climbing schools and climbing gyms.

9 product reviews

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Click Up
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Excellent assisted belay device

The click-up is a brilliant improvement on the standard type of belay device. No difficulty in paying out rope to the leader, fast reliable locking in the event of a fall, no tired hands for assisting top-roping or resting leader. No learning curve required for reliable use - just make sure it is the right way up.

Great indoor belay device

The Click Up is a well engineered and brilliantly simple design.
It can be easily used left or right handed (unlike the GriGri) and is probably the most effective device to lock off and lower an unequally weighted leader/belayer pair with ease.
The braking action is instinctive and provided it is operated within the well documented limitations it is probably one of the best indoor top rope / lead climbing belay devices available.

click up is great

got the click up and it was so easy to use. I only use this know.

Great belay device for beginners and experienced climbers

I've used the Click Up for a couple of weeks now, indoors as well as outdoors and toprope as well as for belaying a lead climber.
I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with this product. The auto-lock feature seems to work like a charm and feeding and taking in rope go very smoothly.
I only have two minor complaints: 1) the device tends to get hot when you are letting your partner down and 2) it happened a few times that the device locks when you feed too much rope too fast when you're belaying your leader, especially with a thicker rope.
Overall, I'm quite content with my purchase, especially for the asking price.

Great product

With a little practice, you’ll handle this product perfectly, and it will feel great!

I have belayed way heavier climbers than me with this, and it helps me relax a little more in case of a fall or resting on the rope. Cause the Click Up stops the rope perfectly.

I also feel a lot safer if I let beginners belay me, because of the extra safety.

Works best on ropes under 10mm.

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