Black Diamond ATC-Pilot

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The Black Diamond ATC-Pilot is an assisted braking tubular belay device that bridges the gap between standard ATCs and devices with moving parts, like the Grigri. It's compatible with single ropes between 8.7 and 10.5 mm and is easy to learn to use, including for beginners. You can click through to see a video of it in action. Show more >
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Black Diamond ATC-Pilot

This is a lightweight assisted braking tubular belay device that bridges the gap between standard ATCs and devices with moving parts, like the Grigri. When the climber falls, the Black Diamond ATC-Pilot assists with braking by rotating upwards to lock the rope, which can be easily unlocked by tilting the device downwards using the thumb pad. Whilst belaying a lead climber, this system allows you to use the thumb pad to decrease resistance, enabling you to pay out rope faster and more easily. As something in between a regular ATC and a "moving parts" device like the Grigri, the ATC-Pilot does everything you'd want it to: makes belaying easier and less tiring whilst not being too expensive or bulky.

Tech specs





• Accommodates ropes from 8.7-10.5 mm
• Provides an added level of security to single pitch belays
• Smooth rope payout
• Controlled lowering
• Steel construction
• Ergonomic, non-slip surface
• Single rope use

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A lightweight assisted braking belay device

The ATC Pilot works in much the same way that a standard tube-style belay device does, with the added benefit of assisted braking. There are no moving parts or levers to operate, making it a user-friendly intro to the world of assisted braking belay devices.

Parfait et facile

Utilisé depuis plus d'un an ça marche super bien et c'est très fluide avec mes deux cordes 8.7 mm et 10 mm (plus fluide avec le 8.7 mm!)

lorsque le grimpeur mets tout son poids sur la corde, si la personne qui assure ne met pas de tension sur sa main qui freine, la corde glisse doucement, pas comme le grigri.

Pour les debutants, le Pilot est plus facile à prendre en main que le Grigri!

If you use it, you will love it but...

It takes a little time to get used to it, especially when lowering weight heavier than your own. However, if you watch the epic tv video about this product you will find it most helpful. All in all, really simple but effective device with comparatively lower price to other with the same functions.


works as described, very easy to use

very great feeling belay device

It's great to hold due to the plastic material and construction. It could pay out rope smoothly thus it's very suitable to belay the climber at indoor gym. However, due to the single tube, I wouldn't take it outdoors.

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