Black Diamond BD Guide BT

Black Diamond has long distributed and sold Pieps transceivers and now they have their own branded versions in partnership and powered by Pieps technology; the ... Show more >
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Black Diamond BD Guide BT

Black Diamond has long distributed and sold Pieps transceivers and now they have their own branded versions in partnership and powered by Pieps technology; the Guide BT and Recon BT, with Bluetooth technology (what BT stands for). The Guide BT is suited to those with previous transceiver experience, guides, mountain safety professionals and avid backcountry skiers or those who will practise. It may be confusing to the first time user.
The Black Diamond Guide BT has a massive 60 meter circular search range and 60-meter search strip, while the Recon BT has a 50 meter range. Both transceivers have three antennas along with a few other cool features (see Features below). The big feature for both transceivers, however, is that they have built-in Bluetooth capabilities so you can update their firmware at any point without having to send your transceiver in for a factory upgrade, it works with a free app downloaded onto your mobile phone.
When the Guide BT detects a signal it gives the approximate distance to the victim and the direction in which the searcher needs to turn. By following this constantly updating information a buried person can be located. In this respect the Guide BT is very similar to other digital transceivers, but has a greater range of around 60m which is circular in shape rather than elliptical.
The Guide BT has more advanced features for multiple burial situations. To scan for multiple signals you simply press the scan button while in search mode and the device will indicate the number of transceivers in a 5m, 20m and a 50m range, this gives the searcher a greater understanding of the overall rescue situation. It displays an icon for each different signal received, then locks onto the strongest signal and guides you to that burial. You can then mark the signal and the Guide BT will ignore it and allow you to move onto to the next search. In the event of a secondary avalanche, a motion sensor will automatically switch from search to send mode (transmit) after a pre-set amount of time.
An auto antenna switch automatically adjusts to send the best signal if any devices e.g. mobile phone are interfering with your transceiver. The Digital Signal Processor is able to pick up transceivers that are transmitting at a signal which has drifted away from the desired frequency. If any are detected then the DSP stays in this mode. You can also use the scan function to test the transmitting frequency of other transceivers during your daily checks. The self-check function gives always-accurate antenna and Digital Signal Processing to account for wayward beacon signals. The Guide BT also features a training mode that can be controlled from your smartphone. The beacon’s Bluetooth connection allows you to manage settings, software updates and battery optimization.
The Guide BT also features an integrated three-dimensional inclinometer to measure slope angle. Simply hold the scan button while in transmit mode and then place the transceiver on ski pole on the slope you wish to measure. The new housing features a better view screen soft-touch contact points for improved handling and a positive switch with a firm lock. Finally the harness-style carrying pouch provides comfortable carriage and fast removal for emergency response.

Tech specs

FREQUENCY457kHz (according to EN300718)
BATTERIES3 batteries (AAA)
BATTERY LIFE400 (minimum hours)
WEIGHT225 g, (incl. batteries)
DIMENSIONS (LXWXH )115 x 75 x 28mm


BD Guide BT


• Redesigned housing with soft-touch contact points for improved ergonomics and handling
• Bluetooth functionality allows user to manage settings, software updates and optimization
• Three antennas
• 60m circular range for extended, symmetrical search area
• Mark and scan function for multiple burial scenarios
• Digital Signal Processor to pick up beacons transmitting drifted signals
• Integrated inclinometer for easy slope-angle assessment
• Continuous carrier mode for use with older, analog beacons
• Reliable direction and distance indication from the point of original signal
• Compatible with TX600 and iProbe for added search capabilities
• Updateable software via Bluetooth or USB (sold separately)
• Harness-style carrying pouch included

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BD Guide BT
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