Patagonia R2® Fleece Jacket (Woman)

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The R2 Fleece Jacket is one of Patagonia’s most popular fleece designs because it’s light, packable and incredibly thermally efficient, thanks to its open knit ... Show more >
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Patagonia R2® Fleece Jacket (Woman)

The R2 Fleece Jacket is one of Patagonia’s most popular fleece designs because it’s light, packable and incredibly thermally efficient, thanks to its open knit structure and hybrid design. Polartec Thermal Pro panels add extra warmth to high exposure areas, while the inner arms, lower torso and side panels are made from Patagonia’s R1 Regulator Fleece fabric which is lightweight and extra breathable where you need it most. The R2 has two harness compatible hand-pockets and an easily accessible chest pocket; all the pockets are mesh lined for extra breathability. It also has subtle thumb holes and a slim fit to provide extra warmth.

Tech specs

MATERIAL Body: Polartec® Thermal Pro® 97% polyester (63% recycled)/3% spandex. Side panels: Polartec® Power Dry® 93% polyester (41% recycled)/7% spandex. Fabric is bluesign® approved.



Patagonia have been recycling polyester since 1993 as it’s so much better for the planet than using un-recycled polyester. Patagonia make use of many different materials, such as plastic bottles, worn out polyester products, and manufacturing waste, which not only constructively uses materials which are hard to dispose of, but uses less energy than making polyester from scratch.

Regulator Fleece

Regulator fleece is Patagonia’s patented thermal fleece fabric. It is light and warm, and allows superior moisture transference to that of traditional polar fleece, so you can sweat more but stay dry. This is down to the hollow-core synthetic fibres it’s made from, which increase the thermal properties of the fabric, while at the same time giving it better moisture wicking ability and making it light, compressible and easy to pack. Regulator fleece is available in four different weights to suit a range of different uses and activities.

Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Polartec Thermal Pro is the soft, fluffy material that we often see in thermal mid-layers, and it’s highly thermally efficient and breathable. Polartec use an innovative knitting technique to create the lightweight, high loft fabric, which means it keeps you warmer than a thicker, heavier fabric would. This is because the long, soft fibres create air channels which efficiently trap air to retain warmth, and quickly disperse water vapour when you’re working hard. Even though Thermal Pro looks thick and fuzzy, its low density fibres mean that it’s compressible and really easy to pack. Furthermore, Thermal Pro is always made from a minimum of 50% recycled fibres.

Patagonia Lifetime Warranty

Patagonia offer an ‘Ironclad Warranty’ which means if you’re dissatisfied with the performance of a product at the time of purchase or afterwards, or if it breaks unexpectedly, they will provide a free exchange, refund or repair. They will also repair damage due to wear and tear for a reasonable price, and have a section on their website that teaches you to repair your own clothing, so there is no need to unnecessarily buy new gear.

Patagonia’s Environmentally Friendly Business Plan

Right from the start, Patagonia has been at the forefront of environmentally friendly production, and are still one of the only companies in the world that offer a completely transparent supply chain to anyone who cares to look.

It all started after the opening of the first Patagonia store; chemicals used in the farming of the cotton started to give the shop staff headaches, so they developed fleeces made from recycled plastic bottles and started to use exclusively organic cotton. As the time’s gone on, Patagonia have implemented a traceable down program, use responsibly sourced merino and Bluesign approved materials. The recycled materials they work with are even more impressive: cotton, nylon, polyester, down and wool, as well as making use of natural materials such as hemp and undyed cashmere.

Alongside making use of the best possible materials and production methods, Patagonia also make sure everyone of their employees is treated fairly, from the shop floor to factories all over the world. They also donate a percentage of their yearly profits to environmental initiatives and community projects across the world.

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