Price Match Guarantee

We don’t just want to bring you the best products around but also the best prices as well. To make sure we can achieve this we’ve committed to Price Matching our competitors but there are a couple of conditions that your product must meet for us to make this work.

1. The product must be exactly the same as the one offered from Epic; model, colour, size, year etc.
2. The product must be in stock at Epic and with one of our UK competitors and be shipped with the same postage and tax costs so we can make a direct comparison.
3. Price matching does not include products from auction sites, resellers or private listings and also excludes sale items, in-store promotions, discount code and special time limited offers.
4. We have to be able to verify the price with the relevant competitor before you complete your order.

If you think you have a relevant claim, chat with our Gear Geeks now.

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