Ocun Oxi QC

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The Ocun Oxi QC is a slightly downturned, highly asymmetric, medium-stiff velcro shoe with Ocun’s maximum adhesion rubber for high-performance in sport climbing, bouldering, and indoor training. Show more >
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Ocun Oxi QC

Powerful means uncomfortable? With the Oxi QC you don't have to compromise. The Ocun Oxi QC is an advanced shoe that excels on all hard routes. An ultra-thin midsole provides the maximum amount of flexibility for toe-hooking and sensitivity on hard boulder routes with imperceptible footholds. Toe-hooking ability is enhanced through a large piece of high-friction rubber placed along the toe area. Grippin' Sticky rubber is Ocun's maximum friction compound designed for polished footholds and sticking onto the kind of tiny holds found on advanced boulder problems. This is doubled with the downturned profile and highly asymmetric last which provide power and precision on anything steep and minute. The single velcro closure makes it easy to slip on and off in between climbs, and the microfibre upper means the Oxi QC requires no breaking in and will keep the same performance over its entire lifespan.

The Oxi QC is ideal for all high-performance sport climbers and boulderers seeking an easy to wear shoe that still performs on the rock.

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Oxi QC


Top performance shoe rubber developed especially for maximum adhesion. The material has a high friction parameter which ensures excellent adhesion on ledges and slabs.

Oxi QC

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• Highly rubberised toe-box allow for technical toe-hooks on any surface.
• Ocun's signature seamless heel creates a snug and comfortable fit
• Padded breathable tongue for better air circulation
• Microfibre upper will not stretch, maintaining the shoe's performance shape
• Natural leather insole combats odours and feels fresher

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Oxi QC
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