Five Ten MoccAsym Climbing Shoe

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The Five Ten MoccAsym is a comfortable, extremely soft and sensitive slipper climbing shoe that excels on smooth cracks and boulder problems. Show more >
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Five Ten MoccAsym Climbing Shoe

The Five Ten MoccAsym (probably) isn't quite as comfortable as the moccasin it's named after, but it will be much better for rock climbing in. The Five Ten MoccAsym is an extremely soft and sensitive slipper climbing shoe, designed to be put on and taken off with ease whilst at the climbing gym and excel at smooth crack climbing and smearing. If you have strong feet that can handle a shoe with no midsole, put down those comfy moccasins and pick up a pair of MoccAsyms.

These shoes have a lot of uses. With minimal features on top of the shoe, the MoccAsym is particularly effective at slotting into cracks. Without laces or velcro, there is nothing to snag on the rock, and no need to worry about destroying laces or velcro straps whilst crack climbing. And, because the MoccAsym doesn't have a midsole, it is not only as soft as possible but as sensitive as possible too, making it ideal for both boulder gym use and any climb involving tiny holds on rock or plastic.

If you have strong feet, climb on smooth cracks, or are just looking for a gym shoe that's highly sensitive, comfortable, and easy to take on and off, consider the MoccAsym. But bear in mind that the unlined leather upper will stretch up to a full size, so size appropriately.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Durchschnittlicher Fuß
0.46 kg (Größe 40 EU)
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
Stealth C4 Rubber
Sole thickness


MoccAsym Climbing Shoe

Stealth® C4™ Rubber

A high-friction rubber used on the majority of Five Ten’s shoes due of its all-round performance and versatility. Five Ten first debuted this rubber on the original approach shoe, the Five Tennie, in 1985, and since then Stealth rubber has always been developed by Five Ten themselves in direct conjunction with their shoes, unlike other shoe manufacturers who outsource their rubber. The result is a rubber that works with your shoe harmoniously.

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MoccAsym Climbing Shoe
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