Boldrini Pantera Climbing Shoe

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Pantera is a ballerina climbing shoe designed for overhanging and technical boulder problems. Pantera provides maximum sensitivity and precision. Show more >
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Boldrini Pantera Climbing Shoe

The Boldrini Pantera is a supple ballerina climbing shoe designed for the best performance on aggressive and technical boulder problems. The Boldrini Pantera has been designed for maximum sensitivity and precision, with a Sem-Tension System that provides support and power on overhanging climbs and is especially effective for technical toe-hooking manoeuvres. Boldrini have utilised a 100% microfiber upper and powerful heel tension to make the notorious slipper-style shoe more comfortable to reduce any foot pain, and their signature Formula Rubber Tractor is durable enough for outdoor use and the abuse of plastic holds. This is a highly aggressive shoe; not designed to be worn all day, but for maximum performance when bouldering.

The slipper-style construction is designed to fit your foot as snugly and tightly as possible. That means no dead spaces, and no pockets. We recommend that you make absolutely sure you order the correct size before buying. You can get help with this by using our shoe size calculator, or by chatting to one of our Gear Geeks who can advise you.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sole material
Formula Rubber Tractor 4.5 mm


Pantera Climbing Shoe

Formula Rubber Tractor

Formula Rubber Tractor is Boldrini’s signature sole material that they’ve filled with aluminium particles. Why? Boldrini say that this aluminium filler increases tensile strength, making the rubber generally tougher, more durable, and less likely to crack, split, and stretch out of shape, thus increasing the lifespan of your shoe. Boldrini shoes and rubber cost more, but extra durability means fewer resoles, and fewer resoles means money saved.

Pantera Climbing Shoe

Sem-Tension System

Sole rubber with Sem-Tension System is designed for lateral support and support when toe-hooking - i.e. for steep wall and bouldering performance.

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Pantera Climbing Shoe
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