Patagonia Refugitive Pants Womens

The Patagonia Women’s Refugitive Pants are lightweight alpine trousers made from stretchy three-layer Gore-Tex. The Patagonia Women’s Refugitive Pants are high ... Show more >
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Patagonia Refugitive Pants Womens

The Patagonia Women’s Refugitive Pants are lightweight alpine trousers made from stretchy three-layer Gore-Tex. The Patagonia Women’s Refugitive Pants are high quality and extremely durable trousers, ideal for any alpine endeavour, whether that be mountaineering, ice climbing or ski touring. They have an array of features including an articulated fit for excellent flexibility during use, reinforced scuff patches for durability and plenty of pockets for your stuff. As with all Patagonia Gore-Tex items, they’re waterproof and breathable to the highest level, while the Gore C-Knit Backer will wick off any extra sweat you work up on the ascent. Also featuring an in-built RECCO® reflector, these technical trousers are the ultimate action pant.

Tech specs

WEIGHT 419 g
MATERIALS3L, 4oz, 40 denier 100% nylon stretch plain weave Gore-Tex shell with Gore C-Knit backer technology and DWR. Scuff guard: 2L 6.8oz 210 denier 100% nylon plain weave with DWR finish.
POCKETSTwo front zip pockets and one zip thigh pocket
PROTECTIONInner scuff guards, DWR



RECCO is a passive reflector system which improves your chances of being found if you are caught in an avalanche. The RECCO system is used by rescue teams in over 600 mountain resorts globally, making it the most ubiquitous system around. However, while RECCO will improve your chances if the worst is to happen it’s important to note that it is no substitute for a transceiver, avalanche training courses and a solid understanding of mountain safety.

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore is a fabric manufacturer best known for their waterproof, breathable fabric Gore-Tex. The key to Gore-Tex is a membrane which provides the tech performance of the fabric; it is made of the same Teflon that is used to make your pots and pans non-stick. The real trick is making this super non-stick and delicate substance stick the the protective fabrics which turn it into the outdoor fabric we know and love. The bit which makes Gore-Tex special is this glueing process which is done in their top secret, big, blue machine. Only a few members of Gore’s staff know how this is done, it’s one of the biggest secrets in outdoor kit and has been the subject of many a nerdy forum post.


The DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish has become almost ubiquitous in the outdoor industry, and the satisfying water beading it provides has become the hallmark of a beautiful jacket. It is not strictly waterproof but will provide protection on it’s own against a light shower; however it does wear off so needs to be topped up from time to time. The DWR stops water from soaking into the outer layer of waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex meaning they remain breathable and light in even in heavy rain.

Gore C-Knit Backer

Gore developed their C-Knit backer to work in conjunction with their Gore-Tex products, to make them more durable and increase their longevity. The C-Knit Backer is a special lining, which does no end of good: it improves the comfort and warmth of your outerwear, as well as being super-durable. So as well as being protected from the outside, clothing with a C-Knit backer provides protection from the inside, too, without compromising the effectiveness of the Gore-Tex itself.

Environmentally Friendly

Right from the start, Patagonia has been at the forefront of environmentally friendly production, and are still one of the only companies in the world that offer a completely transparent supply chain to anyone who cares to look. They are constantly experimenting and developing new ways to bring us durable and sustainably produced clothing - recycled polyester, organic cotton, traceable down, responsibly sourced merino and undyed cashmere are all common materials in the Patagonia catalogue. As well as using the best materials and production methods for the planet, Patagonia also make sure every one of their employees is treated fairly, from the shop floor to factories all over the world. And they donate a percentage of their yearly profits to environmental initiatives and community projects in many different countries.


Patagonia offer an ‘Ironclad Warranty’ which means if you’re dissatisfied with the performance of a product at the time of purchase or afterwards, or if it breaks unexpectedly, they will provide a free exchange, refund or repair. They will also repair damage due to wear and tear for a reasonable price, and have a section on their website that teaches you to repair your own clothing, so there is no need to unnecessarily buy new gear.

Gore-Tex 3-layer Fabric

Gore-Tex 3-layer fabric is not quite as rugged and robust as its equivalent Pro shell, which has a super durable and abrasion resistant outer layer, but it still has all the same waterproof, windproof and breathable capabilities, making it ideal for snow sports and a bit of backcountry hiking. The Gore-Tex membrane is bonded with a soft outer fabric and a knit polyester liner, for the maximum comfort and performance over a range of different temperatures and activities. The Gore-Tex membrane is so effective because it is covered with millions of tiny pores, which are too small to let water droplets, but are large enough to let water vapour out. The high pressure that builds inside a sweaty jacket is what allows the moisture vapour to escape through the membrane to the low pressure of the outside world, keeping you comfortable and warm at all times.

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