Crafty Climbing Owl Chalk Bag

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The Owl Chalk Bag from Crafty Climbing is fun, friendly and practical – a great way to get into the fun side of climbing! Show more >
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Crafty Climbing Owl Chalk Bag

The Owl, with his all-seeing eyes and cat-like agility, will always have your back. There to provide you with chalk whenever you need it, he’s also soft, fuzzy and a great climbing companion. All Crafty Climbing chalk bags are handmade, so no two owls are exactly the same – plus they’re made from high-quality, durable fabrics so you don’t have to keep buying replacements. The Owl features a handy brush holder, a flat bottom for bouldering goodness, a generous volume, drawstring closure and a chalk barrier: a layer of Nylon in between the lining and outer to stop your chalk leaking, genius!

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS 11cm x 15cm


Owl Chalk Bag

Full Features

• Anti-pill fleece lining for long-lasting chalk rations
• ‘Chalk barrier’ nylon layer in between the lining and outer fabric prevents chalk leakage
• Generous volume accommodates up to 50g of chalk
• Elasticated brush holder
• Drawstring closure
• Free-standing thanks to flat bottom and sturdy rim
• Belt included

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Owl Chalk Bag
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