Icebreaker began in 1994 when founder Jeremy Moon was given (actually thrown) a merino wool t-shirt to test by a local New Zealand farmer. Taking it kayaking, he found that it felt, unlike the plasticy feel of polyester (actually made from plastic) and the itchy feel of regular sheep's wool, merino wool felt as soft as silk, breathed, and even after a week of constant wear didn't hold an odour. It was a completely natural baselayer, far superior to any synthetic material on the market. With this convicition, Moon quit his job, acquired a loan, and put all of his efforts into building the now-successful company Icebreaker, whose philosophy is to create biodegradable, annually renewable, ethically sourced, and 100% made from nature items of clothing, including t-shirts, baselayers, hoodies, fleeces, and more, that are built to last. Why work against nature when we can work with it?







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