Moon Warrior

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Aimed at climbers who are serious about their bouldering, the Moon Warrior Crash Pad is heavy-duty mat that's lightweight, easy to carry and full of handy features... Show more >
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Moon Warrior

Aimed at climbers who are serious about their bouldering, the Moon Warrior Crash Pad is heavy-duty mat that's lightweight, easy to carry and full of handy features to make your bouldering experience easier. It features a one-piece 'taco'-style design, meaning there are no fold points or empty space for you to land in, while the combination of open and closed cell foam will keep you protected if you fall. The Warrior also features an innovative carry system; it has padded backpack straps and a waist belt and chest strap for mega easy transportation, which can be covered with a protective flap that doubles as a shoe cleaner when you're climbing. Along with reinforced corners and a non slip base, the Warrior is designed to fold with the dirty side on the inside so you don't traipse mud and dust through your house and car - all in all, a super-protective, high-functioning bouldering pad, that cares about keeping you clean.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS OPEN130 x 100 x 11 cm



Full Features

- Taco-style, anti-crease folding design eliminates mid-mat empty spaces
- Backpack carry straps with waist belt and chest strap
- Dual density foam provides optimal shock-absorption from large or small heights
- Foot wipe mat covers shoulder straps while you climb and allows for extra gear storage while in carry-mode
- Ballistic Nylon outer is mega tough and durable
- Reinforced corners
- Side handles for easy transportation between problems
- Aluminium buckles
- Anti-slip base fabric



The Moon Warrior Crash Pad is made up of 9.5cm of open cell foam sandwiched between two sheets of 2.5cm closed cell foam for optimal protection and impact absorption properties, whatever distance you're falling from.


Fold Away Straps

The Moon Warrior Crash Pad comes with a handy foot wipe mat that covers the shoulder straps while you're climbing and can then be folded around the bottom of the pad when you want to carry it away. This means the bottom of the pad is closed off so you can use it to carry any extra gear. The padded backpack straps are adjustable and include a wait belt that can easily be folded away when you're not using it, and the carry handles at the top and side of the pad mean you can carry it easily between problems.


Super Tough Outer

Moon's Warrior Crash Pad is coated in ultra hard-wearing ballistic nylon fabric for the best abrasion resistance, complete with a non-slip base and reinforced corners so the mat stays in place. It also features lightweight aluminium buckles and padded shoulder straps. Furthermore, the foam is wrapped in plastic to give the pad some water resistance if it's dropped in a puddle or rain finishes play.

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